Hull optimization for minimum forward resistance
Concept design and towing tank tests

The purpose of ShipDX 2019 was to introduce students to the basics of ship design, as well as to expose them to the concept of scale model and forward resistance measurements through towing tank tests, using the towing tank of The Faculty of Naval Architecture.

Students were required to design, build a scale model and measure the forward resistance of their vessel concept.

ShipDX evolved considerably in 2019 as compared to the first edition, having more participants, a bigger audience, relevant media coverage, esteemed sponsors and bigger awards.




Concept design for a 12 m leisure catamaran
Theoretical and practical aspects when proposing a small leisure ship concept

The first edition of the contest was met with both curiosity and drive by the students of the Naval Architecture Faculty in Galati. Fourteen teams enrolled soon after we announced the registration started.

The students' willingness to challenge themselves and push their boundaries inspired us to keep going and come up with a better version of the contest next year.

What they say about us

  • Alecsandru Niculache
    During this competition I learned the importance of teamwork and trusting the people around me. The biggest gain was not the financial one, but the additional knowledge and acquired skills. I discovered skills I didn’t know I had, like leadership, marketing and negotiation skills. It also shaped the course of my following years.
    Alecsandru Niculache
    ShipDX 2018 finalist
  • Mihaela Angela Ciuraru
    This contest was a big challenge for all of us; we had to leave our comfort zone, to work harder and dedicate a lot of our time to this project. We had to believe in ourselves and never give up!
    Mihaela Angela Ciuraru
    ShipDX 2019 Winner
  • Gabriel Cardaș
    ShipDX is one of the events that changed my life: it opened my appetite for learning and doing. It showed me that if you get involved, no matter what the results are, you always learn new things. You just have to be positive and willing. It showed me how to think outside the box. 
    Gabriel Cardaș
    ShipDX 2018 Finalist
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