Rules & Regulations

Competition Theme

The theme of the ShipDX 2020 edition is the concept design for an innovative, self-propelled, sustainable and autonomous floating house.

This year’s theme will address topics like stability, hydrodynamics, powering calculations, propulsion, structural assessment and project management by facing the challenges involved in designing the hottest vessel type of 2020: the floating house or houseboat.

In a nutshell, a houseboat is a floating structure designed as a living space, that can move under its own power.

General Requirements

Owner’s requirements

The floating structure will be designed to permanently accommodate 4 passengers but will allow for a minimum of 20 people on board for short periods of time. The vessel will be fully autonomous for long periods of time when stationary and will allow for 50 miles autonomy when sailing at maximum speed. The houseboat will be designed to account for the below minimum requirements:

  • 2 bedrooms (for 4 people): 1 master bedroom & 1 guest bedroom;
  • open plan kitchen with living room;
  • 1 bathroom;
  • main deck terrace;
  • roof terrace;

  • Technical Specs – Will be disclosed on November 1st

Competition structure & requirements

Qualification stage

The qualification stage will take place on the 5th of March 2020 in your home university. The topics below are considered minimum requirements to enter the qualification stage:
  • 3D CAD model of the chosen houseboat concept (no interior design needed. Interior design will not be marked in the qualifiers).
  • Subdivision and compartimentation;
  • Stability assessment to ensure compliance with existing rules & regulations for inland navigation;
  • Hydrodynamic analyses to ensure that motions and accelerations are acceptable in the living room area (centre) and on roof terrace (centre);
  • Statement of sustainability (list of solutions selected to ensure long authonomy when stationary and green footprint);
  • Forward resistence calculations at maximum desired speed;
  • Lightship calculations and on board weight distribution;

  • Grand Final
    The Grand Final will take place on the 21st May 2020 in Galati, Romania. The topics below are considered minimum requirements to enter the Grand Final:

    • Interior design of houseboat, with focus on comfort and smart space utilisation;
    • Implementation of sustainable systems opted for in the qualification stage;
    • P&IDs for onboard systems (e.g. fresh water, grey water, electrical);
    • Selection and comprehensive description of propulsion system (diagram, autonomy etc);

General Timeline & Places


Registration will be done online on our website: following the registration steps.
Registration will be open between the 31st of October 2019 and 18th of Nov 2019.

First stage (local stage) - Qualifications

The first stage of the competition will take place in your home university, overseen by University professors and GLO Marine and Nava Ship Design representatives, between 18th Nov 2019 and March 2nd 2020.

The local stage will end with the Qualifications event, on the 5th of March 2020.

All the teams will have to present their projects in front of the local jury, and only 3 teams will qualify to the Grand Finale.

Second stage
The second stage will have the 6 finalist teams compete against each other for the chance to win one of the 3 prizez. It will take place between March 6th and May 20th 2020.

Grand Final

Grand Final will take place in Galati, Romania on the 21st of May 2020 and it will be championed by Faculty professors from the two unviversities, GLO Marine and Nava Ship Design representatives, as well as the competition sponsors.

Flights to and from Bucharest, accommodation in Galati and all the other expenses will be covered by organisers for all members of the three teams qualified in the Grand Final.

Eligibility | Team structure

All members of one team entering the competition must be classified as undergraduates, or students following master of science degrees. Each team can have only one MSc student.

Gdańsk University

  • 2 second-year students;
  • 1 third-year students;
  • 1 MSc student OR any student from the above mentioned years;

Galați University

  • 1 second-year student;
  • 1 third-year students;
  • 1 fourth-year student;
  • 1 MSc student OR any student from the above mentioned years;


The jury panel for both the Qualification stage and Grand Final, will be made up of representatives from the organisers (GLO Marine and Nava Ship Design), University professors (Naval Architecture Faculty in Galati and Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology in Gdansk) and sponsors.


The total prize money for ShipDX 2020 is 7,000 euros:

1st place: 4000 euros;
2nd place: 2000 euros;
3rd place: 1000 euros;

The consolation prizes will be awarded to all participants. These prizes will consist of items, products and gift cards, and not of cash prizes.

All travelling and accommodation expenses for Polish students to Romania for the Final Event will be covered by the organizers.


ShipDX is a European student competition organized by GLO Marine and the Naval Architects Association from Galati, Romania, in partnership with Nava Ship Design and the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology from Gdansk, Poland, for Naval Architecture students from Galati and Gdansk.
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