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The human race towards technological advancement led to reckless destructive actions.

Depletion of resources, pollution, climate change and waste generation reached a level that can no longer go unnoticed.

Imagine living in a structure that produces all the power it needs. One that makes the absolute best use of its surrounding light, weather conditions, and location, to be as energy efficient as possible, blending smart design, green materials, and emerging technologies for a maximum effect.

Imagine engineering something that can turn the tide. Imagine being one of the gamechangers!

Design an environmentally friendly, resource-efficient floating house.

A competition for gamechangers

This year’s challenge is addressed to all naval architecture students from Romania and Poland.

Are you one of the few that have what it takes to make a difference?

Use your skills and drive to make that happen. Be ready to go the extra mile.

Each team should consist of:

Gdańsk University

  • 2 second-year students;
  • 1 third-year students;
  • 1 MSc student OR any student from the above mentioned years;

Galați University

  • 1 second-year student;
  • 1 third-year students;
  • 1 fourth-year student;
  • 1 MSc student OR any student from the above mentioned years;

How it works?

Register | 1 Nov - 30 Nov
Set up a team of 4 naval architecture students and join the challenge.

Understand the full brief, brainstorm for creative ideas and develop an innovative concept.

Local stage | 30 Nov - 9 Mar
The local phase will take place in each country, independently.

Each team will have to submit the first deliverables of their projects. Only the best teams will remain in the competition.

Second Stage | 9 Mar - 26 May
In the second stage the finalist teams will have to go into detail, finalize the concept, build the scale model and put together a compelling presentation.

The Grand Finale | 29 May
Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the final will happen online. The teams will present their hard work and results in front of the Jury.


Why join the challenge?

This challenge will offer you the perfect context to test and develop your skills, while making yourself visible to top employers in the industry.

Apart from proving your skills, participating in this challenge will make you stand out from the crowd and build your resume the fun way!


Hard work and creative solutions will be well rewarded.

1st place – 2000 €
2nd place – 1500 €
3rd place – 1000 €



GLO MARINE, the main organizer of the event, partners up with NAVA Ship Design office, to deliver an European Engineering competition for undergraduate naval architecture students.

Because we care

Alongside the Naval Architecture Faculty professors, we identified the need for students to develop a useful range of soft skills, practice teamwork and put their creativity to use.
We decided to do that in a fun, interactive environment, and reward them for it.


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